Sunday, September 30, 2012

Banned Books Week 7 Day Blog/Facebook Challenge

Happy Banned Books Week 2012!

To celebrate I've made up a 7-day post challenge. Take a look and play along!

Day 1. My favorite banned book.
Day 2. Banned book I read in school.
Day 3. Banned book that makes me laugh because it was ever even challenged.
Day 4. Banned book I really didn't like/didn't finish.
Day 5. Book I didn't know had been banned.
Day 6. Book I've seen challenged in local school/library.
Day 7. Banned book I will always stand up for.

There are many lists online of books that have been challenged or banned in the US and around the world. I probably won't stick to just the 2012 list. I'm interested to see everyone's responses!

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